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Play Dicey like you never have before...

Ever get tired of getting Bump and Nudge over and over again? How's that level generation coming along? Look no further, as this mod will make all equipment completely random, as long as it's the same size and isn't a character-specific item that's highly incompatible with other characters (Such as Jester's Backup cards). Good luck and have fun!

  • This mod was made by Terry himself.

Install instructions

Just install the mod to your main mods folder directory, then load the mod through Dicey Dungeons, simple as that!


randomequipment.zip 25 kB


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Does this randomize only the players or the opponents as well?

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Both the player's equipment and the enemy's equipment is randomized. 

Note that that two enemies that share equipment (like Fireman and Marshmellow) will still share that equipment. Same goes for items the player can obtain (except shop, kinda. shop items have weird randomizer behavior)

Yeah, I dug in a bit and found that the implementation is basically "shuffle the global equipment list" X D

Looking to make something that only randomizes player equipment/chests/shops but that appears to be a bit more involved (generators?).