A downloadable mod

Cosmic Variations is a developing mod for the game 'Dicey Dungeons'!

So far there are:
  • New Episodes for all of the characters, utilizing new equipment.
  •  Multiple new pieces of equipment, both related to the zodiac, and some not.
  • Many updated and new variations of enemies, such as: Flooded Jar, Lockpicker, Sludge, Sun Striker, and Clown.
  • Many UI and visual changes!

Mod Compatibility? 

This mod can work with mods like Jackeea's Morefluff and TheMysticSword's Megaquest (Both are not yet updated, but hopefully will and I'll get more info on how they work), however not 100%. There are some thing that might clash with each other, such as episodes or generation. To be sure nothing clashes, I recommend loading CosmicVariations first, then Morefluff, and finally Megaquest. That way, you get the Megaquest episodes, Morefluff equipment, and CosmicVariation's UI and Enemies to have a little of each mod.

(Now Updated! Actually working on a Cosmic Fluff compatibility mod.) https://jackeea.itch.io/more-fluff

(Not updated) https://themysticsword.itch.io/dd-megaquest

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
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Install instructions


Simply download and unzip the CosmicVariations folder into your 'mods' folder, then after you open Dicey Dungeons, go to the editor and click the mods button at the bottom, finally click the mod and load it. Or Load the mod from the settings. 


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First thank you for making this, I want you to know that I do appreciate the extra content and it's pretty cool in general. But still, I think the biggest problem with it it's balancing I guess. Dicey Dungeons is an already dificult game most of the time, and that's part of its charm, but the developer has tried to make it as balanced as possible as to avoid the challenge taking away the fun, and doing that I know is a challenge all in itself. 

I'm all for new challenges but you have to be careful because if you make it too difficult, it's no longer fun. I have a few examples and comments on it. The Warrior one where you are "super powerful" until the loud bird boss where now you become not very powerful and you still have to fight a mega powerful enemy... The episode isn't a walk in the park but it's pretty fun, being all powerful and I also appreciate the three pre bosses in the last level. But if on top of three bosses before the final boss, who's a mega powerful boss, you take away my super power ability because of parallel universe Silence, than what's the point? What's the point of having an episode of being "super powerful" and getting it taken away at the very end? If Loud Bird wasn't so powerful at the end and you get Silenced, it could also work, but right now, that whole episode is a little absurd. I get having a powerful enemy, since I'm powerful, but now I'm against a still very powerful and I'm basically powerless, not less powerful (there's a difference). 

Enemies like the biologist and wisp are also over powered because of their looping equipment, it's silly mainly because of their amount of inicial dice and the ability to get more essentially each turn. Wisp can kill you because of resets of equipment and starting with already a lot of dice on top of getting a new die every turn. And the biologist's equipment makes it so that he will most likely have every equipment all the time, healing him completely and getting an extra dice consistently, this happens with a few other enemies too. I'm not saying these aren't cool enemies, they are just slightly op, too many things are going on and it stacks up to level of ridiculousness. I'd say getting more dice each turn is fine, but then make it so that they start with one or two die (like Cornelious), or if there's a looping mechanic, make it so that that they don't have enough dice to consistently make the loop happen, etc. 

Then there's bosses that also are ridiculous, like It which I got in a witch episode (by the way, the Witch episode in where you get damage because of mana, the ability doesn't work right, it does not clear up your mana after using it). The episode itself was dificult enough (as difficult as witch episodes are) but that final boss is just a slap to the face. I don't see any universe where I could beat it (I don't see any universe where the Warrior can beat Loud Bird either to be honest). The problem is its attacks, why does it attack AND heal?! Do either and the fight would improve so much more, it could be like there's a chance for 1-9 damage, OR 1-9 heal. It's still hella difficult, but at least it improves your chances AND your spirit. And, of course, the unnecesary extra die each turn just make you feel even more hopeless... AND on top of that there's the extra move, I mean, there's too much going on. 

Ok, now on to the Jester's new equipment, which I actually really like the delayed mechanic, however, and this is more minor the the others, it bothers me to no end how unbalanced it is in respect to dice values. You see, in the base game for example, the jester uses things like bop (+3 dice value for 3 damage) and boop (any value for 2 damage), but for slapsies and concentration and all these you have mostly low value dice, making high value dice unable to be used most of the time. I think you could change this simply by making one  of the equpments use just +4 dice value, just so you have somewhere to put that dice, it could be a status effect, maybe Fury or something like that, or just like a X amount of damage in 2 turns, sort of like upgraded blink, but without extra damage or something like that. 

Another thing that I wanted to mention is the extra floor episodes. I don't mind that at all, but if there's no extra level to level up to (I don't even know if thats possible through modding), it just makes it like extra enemies wandering around. You can just skip them because there's no reward. I don't know if you intended it to be, instead, like an extra challenge so that you don't necessarilly go to the final boss with full health, but I don't know. If that's the way you intended it, I guess it's ok, but I feel like it would be way better to just have an extra floor, extra level so it plays like a normal run but longer. 
I think... that's all... Other than that I really enjoyed it and hope to keep seeing you updated it =D (Oh, look a new update XD)

The new update fixes the Future Sight problem, I already foresaw that and fixed it, that episode should be easier and funner. The Loud Bird Episode I can understand, however it is supposed to be almost literally impossible anyways because you get to destroy literally every other enemy, however it is beatable. A nice start would be to give Loud Bird 1 less dice and a little less health and see where I go from there. Wisp and Biologist actually did have around 1-3 dice, but they were too weak, I guess i could change them back and increase their health so they actually have the opportunity to ramp up. And It was also very weak, I will also be nerfing him, not to his previous state, but just his attacks. Thank you for the feedback, and no, you cannot add levels.

By the way, dunno if you knew this based on your comment, but Concentration and Slapsies are base game equipment which I usually do not edit that often.

You know, I've been playing your mod so much that I wasn't sure if that equipment was from there or not and I wanted to check if that was the case before posting it, but  didn't! Still would be nice to have complementary equipment with a higher value since that Jester episode is very based on that. I understand it¿s difficult to get the balance with difficulty, I was considering how much to detail to write since I'm sure a lot of those things have crossed your mind in some way or another. I do think the one thing that is not intentional that is probably a bug is the Witch's Mana Storm not clearing out the mana after using. 

Which episodes for which characters are modded? And if so how? I would like to know!

So far, modded episodes should appear as incomplete until you've completed them, the other episodes should appear as complete if you've already completed them.

The modded episodes dont appear different as they should, maybe it's because of the meant for version difference? Also on the last floor on backstage lady luck is the same visual appearance as normal and not cosmicly variated lady luck.

I think it's partly a version difference, it has not been updated yet. The backstage has not been finished yet, but visually the next update should fix anything visuals related to backstage.

Please update it! I love it and would love it in 1.15!

Currently in the process of updating it. Glad you enjoy it though!

Hey, this is Really cool! but i recently have been looking into modding this game, and i was wondering how to open polymod, i've gotten haxe and openFL but it is so unclear that i'm unsure how to get polymod working, if you have any advice that would be great. Love your work.

Thank you for playing the mod! First off, I think you may misunderstand how modding dicey works. There are modding templates set in the modding folder of Dicey naturally, as well as mods made by others that you can  look at for examples. If you need any modding tips, let me know or ask Jackeea, the creator of morefluff, for help. However I can't give that much advice if you dunno where to start. If you have Excel or any way to open .csv files use that to add and edit files, and make sure the layout of your files are in the correct place. Also try joining the Dicecord, there are tons of modders here who would be more than happy to help.

hey angel, should probably say thanks, this was the help that i needed as now i understand how to mod, you've probably seen me on the dicecord but i still never said thanks.

No prob! :)