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Cosmic Variations is a developing mod for the game 'Dicey Dungeons'!

So far there are:
  • New Episodes for all of the characters, utilizing new equipment.
  •  Multiple new pieces of equipment, both related to the zodiac, and some not.
  •  Many returning enemies such as: Wisp, Rose, and Vacuum.
  • Many updated and new variations of enemies, such as: Flooded Jar, Lockpicker, Sludge, Sun Striker, and Clown.
  • Many UI and visual changes!

Mod Compatibility? 

This mod can work with mods like Jackeea's Morefluff and TheMysticSword's Megaquest, however not 100%. There are some thing that might clash with each other, such as episodes or generation. To be sure nothing clashes, I recommend loading CosmicVariations first, then Morefluff, and finally Megaquest. That way, you get the Megaquest episodes, Morefluff equipment, and CosmicVariation's UI and Enemies to have a little of each mod.



Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod

Install instructions


Simply download and unzip the CosmicVariations folder into your 'mods' folder, then after you open Dicey Dungeons, go to the editor and click the mods button at the bottom, finally click the mod and load it.


cosmicvariations.zip 257 MB

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